Sheep Report 3rd October 2017

Forward for sale on Tuesday 3rd October were 287 Prime lambs and 178 Cast Sheep

Prime Lambs sold to 167.8 p/kg for 3 Beltex lambs scaling 45 kilos from P & E M Dennison Odiness Stronsay realising £75.50
Other Leading Prime Lamb Prices;
17 Texels 45.5 kilos Dennison Odiness Stronsay 165.9 p/kg £75.50
5 Cheviots 44.5 kilos Hourie Heathfield St Ola 161.8 p/kg £72
Texel 48 kilos Isbister Feolquoy Stromness 160.4 p/kg £77
2 Blue Domaine 44 kilos Linklater Little Crofty Tankerness 160.2 p/kg £70.50

Top price per head was £81 for 6 Texels scaling 54 kilos from J S & M M Sinclair Eastside Twatt

Other Prices

2 Texels 53 kilos Foulis Upperfield St Ola £80.80
1 Charollais 50 kilos Gullion Warthill Holm £79
2 Suffolks 54 kilos Isbister Feolquoy Stromness £78.50
Texel 54 kilos Stevenson Breck Stronsay £78.20

Cast Sheep sold to £99 for 5 Suffolk ewes from J & M Slater Millquoy Stenness

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