14 Prime cattle, 3 Store heifers and 18 OTM cattle were sold on Monday when Prime cattle sold to 234p/kg for a 590kg Limousin steer, from Stanger, South Seatter, Sandwick, which realised £1380.60 to Williamsons Butchers, East Road, Kirkwall.
Other leading Prime steer prices –
Limousin (625kg) Eunson, Staye, Deerness (228p) £1425
Charolais (570kg) Learmonth, Grandon, Firth (226p) £1288.20
Limousin (540kg) Moar, Vinbrake, Birsay (218p) £1177.20

Prime heifers sold to 231p/kg for a 625kg Limousin, from Johnston, Hewan, Shapinsay, which realised £1443.75 to Flett Butchers, Stromness.
Other leading Prime heifer prices –
Charolais (535kg) Stanger, South Seatter, Sandwick (224p) £1198.40
Charolais (550kg) Learmonth, Grandon, Firth (220p) £1210

Store cattle, all heifers, sold to 209.4p/kg for a pair of Aberdeen Angus’s, from Holland Papay Ltd, Papa Westray, which scaled 487kg and realised £1020.

OTM cows sold to 158.6p/kg for a 580kg Aberdeen Angus, from Holland Papay Ltd, which realised £920.
Other leading cow prices –
Angus (625kg) Swanney, Kirbest, North Ronaldsay (152p) £950
Limousin (815kg) Slater, Millquoy, Stenness (147.2p) £1200
Simmental (595kg) Seator, Seattersquoy, Stenness (146.2p) 3870
Shorthorn (725kg) Gullion, Warthill, Holm (137.9p) £1000

OTM bulls sold to 109.8p/kg for a 1120kg Aberdeen Angus, from Flett, Stank, Stromness, which realised £1230

Our next sale will be next Monday, beginning with cattle at 11.30, followed by all classes of sheep.

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