Cattle & Sheep Report – Monday, 24th July, 2017

1 Store heifer, 8 Cows with calves at foot and 8 OTM cattle were sold on Monday, followed by 42 Prime lambs and hoggs and 87 Cast sheep.

A Simmental Store heifer from Gullion, Warthill, Holm, scaled 710kg and realised £1440.

A consignment of 8 Aberdeen Angus cows with calves at foot, from Gorn, Weddell, Burray, sold to a top of £1550 for a 4 year old cow with a February born bull calf at foot.

OTM Cows sold to £1340 for a 905kg British Blue, from Gullion, Warthill, Holm.
Other leading OTM prices –
Simmental cow (835kg) Skea, Barns of Ayre, Deerness (136.5p) £1140
Simmental (715kg), also from Barns of Ayre, Deerness (139.9p) £1000

Prime lambs sold to 193.8p/kg for a pen of 4 Texels, from Marshall, Cotland, St Ola, which scaled 48kg and realised £93
Other leading Prime lamb prices –
8 Texels (48kg) Marshall, Cotland, St Ola (189.6p) £91
3 Suffolks (49.5kg) Sinclair, Smerquoy, St Ola (161.6p) £80

Prime hoggs sold to 115.3p/kg for a 59kg Texel, from Thomson, Heathercow, Eday, which realised £68.
Other leading Prime hogg prices –
2 Texels (47.5kg) Girvan, Mossclair, Tankerness (88.4p) £42

Cast ewes sold to £97 for a pair of Texels, from Stout, Whitehall, Stronsay.
Other leading ewe prices –
(Texel) Seator, Seattersquoy, Stenness (£97)
(Suffolk) Miller, Roadside, St Ola (£95)
(Suffolk) Thomson, Heathercow, Eday (£93)
(4 Texels) Watson, Rennibister, Kirkwall (£88)
(Texel) Slater, Hallmyre, St Ola (£84)

We have a sale of Furniture, etc, on Thursday, at 10am, viewing Wednesday, 2-5pm.

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