10 Prime cattle, 7 Store cattle and 10 OTM’s were sold on Monday, when Prime cattle sold to 233p/kg for a 595kg Limousin heifer, from Glen Orkney Farms, St Ola, which realised £1386.35 to Craigie Butcher Ltd, The Brig, Kirkwall.

Other leading Prime heifer prices – Charolais (620kg) Eunson, Staye, Deerness (233p) £1444.60;  Charolais (595kg) Learmonth, Grandon, Firth (211p) 1255.45

Prime steers sold to 220p/kg for a 615kg Limousin, from Eunson, Staye, Deerness, which realised £1353 to Flett, Butcher, Stromness.

Other leading Prime steer prices – Limousin (640kg) Learmonth, Grandon, Firth (218p) £1395.20

A consigment of Store cattle from Garrett, South Tofts, Egilsay, sold to 213.5p/kg for a 370kg Angus steer, which realised £790.  Store heifers from South Tofts sold to 210.1p for a 395kg Angus, which realised £830.

OTM Cows sold to 150p/kg for a 600kg Limousin cow, from Lennie, Cott, Rendall, which realised £900

Other leading cow prices – Limousin (690kg) Sclater, Fisk-Hellia, Evie (147.8p) £1020; South Devon (745kg) Slater, Millquoy, Stenness (146.3p) £1090;  Angus (790kg) Scarth, Twatt, Birsay (144.3p) £1140

OTM bulls sold to 107.2p for a 970kg Charolais, from Seator, Seattersquoy, Stenness, which realised £1040

Our next sale will be next Monday, selling cattle at 11.30am, followed immediately by a South Ronaldsay mowing let and all classes of sheep, and there will be a sale of implements next Thursday, 13th July, for which we are accepting entries.

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