Cattle & Sheep Report, Monday 26th June, 2017

16 Prime cattle and 2 OTM cattle were sold on Monday, followed by 3 Prime lambs, 28 Prime hoggs and 43 Cast sheep.

Prime cattle sold to 217p/kg for a 505kg Limousin heifer, from Morgan, Swannay Farm, Swannay, which realised £1095.85 to Flett, Butcher, Stromness.

Other leading Prime heifer prices –

Limousin (575kg) McGucken, Lyking, Sandwick (215p) £1236.25

Stabiliser (535kg) Seatter, Melsetter, Longhop (214p) £1144.90

Charolais (640kg) Smith, Cauldhame, Stromness (208p) £1331.20

Prime steers sold to 204p/kg for a 645kg Charolais, from Twatt, Lingro, St Ola, which realised £1315.80 to Flett, Butcher, Stromness

Other leading Prime steer prices –

Stabiliser (515kg) Henry, Howe, Harray (204p) £1050.60

OTM Cows sold to 135.5p/kg for a 695kg Angus, from Ritch, Fillets, Graemsay, which realised £940

Prime lambs sold to 198p/kg for a pair of 51kg Lleyns, from Scott, Dawn Cottage, Holm, which realised £101 to Williamsons, Butcher, Kirkwall.

Prime hoggs sold to 166.7p for a 45kg Suffolk, from Johnston, Cloke, Dounby, which realised £75

Other leading Prime hogg prices –

2 Lleyns (46kg) Pirie, Comely, Toab (161p) £74

2 Texels (50kg) Morgan, Bryameadow, Twatt (160p) £80

Lleyn (38kg) Miller, Coweshouse,  Stronsay (157.9p) £60

Lleyn (47kg) Hobbister Farms, Orphir (151.1p) £71

Texel  (50kg) Sclater, South Fea, Orphir (136p) £68

Cast ewes sold to £89 for a Texel, from Johnston, Cloke, Dounby.

Other leading ewe prices –

Texel (£80) Moar, Rosebank, Deerness

Lleyn (£75) Miller, Coweshouse, Stronsay

Texel (£74) Pirie, Comely, Toab

Texel (£72) Morgan, Bryameadow, Twatt

Cast Rams sold to £85 for a Texel from Clark, Stratheast, Holm

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