Cattle & Sheep Report – Monday 29th May, 2017

13 OTM cattle sold to 157.6p/kg for a 755kg Limousin cow, from Harvey, Slinghorn, Swannay, which realised £1190 – This was also top price per head.

Other leading prices per kilo

Charolais cow (740kg) Stevenson, Crismo, Evie (148.6p) £1100

Angus cow (690kg) Robertson, Little Wards, Longhope (144.9p) £1000

Charolais cow (605kg) Scott, Netherhill, Tankerness (143.8p) £870

Shorthorn cow (750kg) Jones, Denwick, Deerness (134.7p) £1010

Limousin cow (675kg) Marshall, Cotland, St Ola (127.4p) £860

Following the cattle sale 19 Breeding ewes with lambs at foot, 67 Prime hoggs, 37 Store hoggs and 118 Cast sheep were sold.

Breeding ewes with lambs at foot sold to £102 for a Shetland x ewe with a pair of lambs at foot.

Prime hoggs sold to 186.4p/kg for a pen of 4 Texels, from Moar, Walkerhouse, Birsay, which scaled 44kg and realised £82

Other leading prime hogg prices per kilo –

Cheviot (45kg) Chalmers, Overkelda, Harray (180p) £81

3 Texels (43.5kg) Sclater, South Fea, Orphir (179.8p) £78.50

5 Texels (44kg) Smythe & Dupres, Benlaw, Evie (179.5p) £79

2 Texels (47.5kg) Muir, Biggings, Holm (178.9p) £85

Texel (40kg) Eunson, Braebuster, Deerness (177.5p) £71

Top price per head for Prime hoggs was £89 for a 51kg Texel, from Eunson, Braebuster, Deerness  (174.5p)

Store hoggs sold to £68 for a Cheviot, from Cromarty, Sultigeo, Stenness.

Other leading Store prices –

2 Texels (£56) Robertson, Little Wards, Longhope

2 Texels (£56) Moar, Walkerhouse, Birsay

Cast ewes sold to £110 for a Texel from Thomson, Hallbreck, South Ronaldsay

Other leading ewe prices –

Texel (£102) Lennie, Nearhouse, Tankerness

Texel (£99) Eunson, South Keigar, Deerness

Texel (£96) Foulis, Upperfield, St Ola

Cast  rams sold to £88 for a Texel, from Eunson, South Keigar, Deerness.

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