13 Prime cattle, 31 Store cattle and 18 OTM’s were sold on Monday, when Prime cattle sold to a top of 228p/kg for a 585 Limousin heifer, from McGucken, Lyking, Sandwick, which realised £1333.80 to Craigie Butcher Ltd, The Brig, Kirkwall.

Other leading Prime heifer prices –

Simmental (610kg) McGucken, Lyking, Sandwick (224p) £1366.40

Limousin (575kg) Omand, Stembister, Toab (213p) £1224.75

Charolais (540kg) Ross, Lenahowe, Sandwick (209p) £1128.60

Prime steers sold to 210p/kg for a 610kg Saler, from Ross, Lenahowe, Sandwick, which realised £1281 to Williamsons, Butcher, Kirkwall.

Store steers sold to 238p/kg for a pair of 397kg Angus’s from Robertson, Little Wards, Longhope, which realised £945

Other leading Steer prices per kilo –

Simmental (325kg) Chalmers, Mouseland, Stromness (235.4p) £765

3 Angus’s (415kg) Robertson, Little Wards, Longhope (233.7p) £970

Limousin (455kg) Stevenson, Bu, Stronsay (227.5p) £1035

Top price per head for Store steers was £1260 for a 570kg Angus, from Stevenson, Bu, Stronsay (221.1p)

Store heifers sold to 240.4p/kg for a pair of 312kg Charolais heifers, from Chalmers, Mouseland, Stromness, which realised £750

Other leading Store heifer prices –

Limousin (330kg) Stevenson, Bu, Stronsay (225.8p) £745

2 Charolais (397kg) Roberston, Little Wards, Longhope (221.7p) £880

Top price per head for Store heifers was £1090 for a 490kg Simmental, from Stevenson, Bu, Stronsay (222.4p)

OTM Cattle sold to 145.5p/kg for a 725kg Simmental cow, from Sinclair, Holland, Firth, which realised £1055.

Other leading OTM prices –

Simmental (620kg) Seator, Seattersquoy, Stenness (145.2p) £900

Angus (880kg ) Tait, Farafield, Twatt (144.3p) £1270

Limousin (725kg) Slater, Millquoy, Stenness (142.1p) £1030

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