Cattle List Monday 10 April 2017

Seatter, Noup, Westray 27-36
Drever, Berriedale, Westray 37-38
Colligarth Farms, Sanday 39-53
Rendall, Whitehow, Papa Westray 54-67
Stevenson, Bu, Stronsay 68-97
Stout, Kirkbrae, Westray 98-104
Rendall, Farrivald, Westray 1105-1110
Housebay Farms, Stronsay 105-135
Shearer, Backakelday, Holm 251-258
Spence, Hyval, Sandwick 259-269
Tormiston Farms, Stenness 270-276
Sinclair, Midhouse, Harray 277-287
Watson, Rennibister, Kirkwall 288-303
Kierfiold Farms, Sandwick 304-321
Rosie, Quoybond, South Ronaldsay 322-334
Isbister, Feolquoy, Stromness 335-342
Rendall, Old Hall Stromness 343-360A
Johnston, Hewan, Shapinsay 136-142
Meason, Frustigarth, Shapinsay 143-145
Hepburn, Kirkton, Shapinsay 146-147
Balfour Mains, Shapinsay 148-159
Miller, Haquoy, Shapinsay 160-178
Glen Orkney Farms, St Ola 179-183
Johnson, Charleston, Shetland 184-185
Heard, Huip, Stronsay 186-194
Cooper, Cleat, Stronsay 195-210
Stout, Whitehall, Stronsay 211-238
Scott & Brown, Biggings, Stenness 361-377
Brown, Newhall, Stromness 378-387
Taylor, Aikers, South Ronaldsay 388-417
Taylor, Bellevue, St Margaret’s Hope 418-419
Stevenson, Bu, Orphir 420-434
Scott, Weethick, Tankerness 435-441
Scott, Netherhill, Tankerness 442-449
Isbister, Garth,  Stromness (All AA cattle) 450-494
Hay, East Howe, Birsay 1500-1529
Lennie, Nearhouse, Tankerness 501-506
Spence, Norton, Dounby 507-518
Tait, Skelday, Dounby 519-526
Fraser, Lower Cottiscarth, Rendall 527-542
Harcus, Quanterness, St  Ola 543-562
Spence, Muckle Pow, Evie 563-582
Thomson, Garth, South Ronaldsay 583-586
Stephen, Sandwick House, So Ron 587-592
Sinclair, Braeland, South Ronaldsay 593-597
Seator, Seattersquoy, Stenness 598-627
Harcus, Messigate, Tankerness 628-635
Tait, Lower Breckquoy, Holm 636-645
Ross, Lenahowe, Sandwick 646-655
Smith, Upper Cornquoy, Holm 656-661
Young, Castle, Stromness 662-669
Baillie, Biggings, Toab 670-700
Moar, Rosebank, Deerness 701-705
Firth, Hilltoft, Holm 706-710
Craigie, Hall of Clestrain, Orphir 711-722
Vetquoy Farms, Sandwick 723-733
Sclater, Lower Hobbister, Stenness 734-738
Rendall, Vedder, Tankerness 739-741
Laughton, Easterbister, Holm 742-743
Midbigging Farms, Toab 744-766
McGucken, Lyking, Sandwick 767-778
Taylor, Kirkhouse, South Ronaldsay 779-788
Sclater, Skaill, Orphir 789-804
Swanbister Farm, Swanbister, Orphir 805-809
Omand, Oback, South Ronaldsay 810-819
Marwick, Redland, Stromness 820-824
Ludenhill farms, Swannay 825
Tait, Ingsay, Swannay 826-830
Maesquoy Farms, Harray 831-845
Donaldson, Coldomo, Stenness 5
Spence, Eastabist, Dounby 3
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