Cattle Report 5th December, 2016

9 Prime cattle, 3 Store cattle and 34 OTM’s were sold on Monday, when Prime cattle sold to 222p/kg for a 580kg Limousin heifer, from Garson, Huan, Sandwick, which realised £1287.60 to Craigie Butcher Ltd, The Brig, Kirkwall.

Other leading Prime heifer prices –

Limousin 650kg Garson, Huan, Sandwick (215p) £1397.50
Luing (565kg) Glen Orkney Farms, St Ola (215p) £1214.75
Saler (490kg) Groat, Cloke, Dounby (212p) £1038.80

Prime steers sold to 210p/kg for a 585kg Limousin, from Groat, Cloke, Dounby, which realised £1228.50 to E Flett, Butchers, Stromness.

3 Store cattle, all heifers, sold to 188.7p for a 530kg Angus, from Dearness, Knowe, Sanday, which realised £1000.

OTM Cattle sold to 143.3p/kg for a 600kg Limousin cow, from Dearness, Knowe, Sanday, which realised £860

Other leading OTM prices –

Limousin cow (715kg) Scott, Weethick, Tankerness (127.3p) £910
Angus (860kg) Sinclair, Midhouse, Harray (125.6p) £1080
Simmental (620kg) Watson Rennibister, Kirkwall (125p) £775
Saler (700kg) Sandison, Hindatoon, Harray (124.3p) £935
Limousin (715kg) Groat, Cloke, Dounby (123.1p) £880

There will be a Special Sale of Store cattle next Monday at 10.30am, and the last sheep sale of the year will be next Wednesday, (14th December), at 1.30pm.

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