Cattle Report Monday, 29th August, 2016

18 Prime cattle, 4 Store cattle and 20 OTM’s were sold on Monday when Prime cattle sold to 216p/kg for a 660kg Limousin heifer, from Fraser, Feavel, Birsay which realised £1425.60 tp Craigie Butcher Ltd, The Brig, Kirkwall.

Other leading Prime heifer prices –

Limousin (580kg) Coghill, Muce, Birsay (211p) £1223.80

Charolais (540kg) Stanger, South Seatter, Sandwick (210p) 1134

Simmental (690kg) Foubister, Breck, Deerness (201p) £1386.90

Limousin (465kg) Johnston, Hewan, Shapinsay (200p) £930

Limousin (575kg) Moar, Vinbrake, Birsay (200p) £1150

Prime steers sold to 206p/kg for a 700kg Charolais, from Stanger, South Seatter, Sandwick, which realised £1442 also to Craigie Butcher Ltd.

Other leading Prime steer prices –

Limousin (620kg) Moar, Vinbrake, Birsay (205p) £1271

Store cattle (All steers), sold to 201.7p/kg for a 575kg Charolais, from Learmonth, Grandon, Firth, which realised £1160

OTM Cattle sold to 145.2p/kg for a 785kg Angus cow, from Stevenson, Midhouse, Evie, which realised £1140

Other leading OTM prices –

Charolais (655kg) Spence, Eastabist, Dounby (129.8p) £850

Angus (675kg) Johnston, Brockan, Stromness (127.4p) £860

Limousin (620kg) Archibald, Newhouse, Swannay (121p) £750

Simmental (750kg) Petrie, Stonehall, Deerness (120p) £900

OTM bulls sold to 96.7p/kg for a 1045kg Limousin, from Spence, Eastabist, Douny, which realised £1010.

There will be a Special Sale of Store cattle next Monday at 10.30am and, just to remind you,  all classes of sheep will be sold every Tuesday at 1pm, beginning next week.

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