Monday 23rd May

Cattle Report 23rd May 2016

16 Prime cattle, 51 Store cattle and bulling heifers, 23 OTMs, 7 Breeding bulls and 29 Breeding cows, some with calves at foot, were sold on Monday, when Prime cattle sold to 202p/kg for a 620kg Limousin heifer, from Stanger, South Seatter, Sandwick, which realised £1252.40 to Craigie Butcher Ltd. The Brig, Kirkwall.

Other leading Prime heifer prices –

Limousin (570kg) Moar, Withaquoy, Holm (198p) £1128.60

Charolais (625kg) Spence, Muckle Pow, Evie (194p) £1212.50

Simmental (590kg) Twatt, Lingro, St Ola (192p) £1132.80

Limousin (545kg) Smith, Cauldhame, Stromness (192p) £1046.40

Prime steers sold to 191p/kg for a 610kg Charolais, from Spence, Muckle Pow, Evie, which realised £1165.10 to Flett, Butcher, Stromness

Store steers sold to 234.4p/kg for a pair of 320kg Limousins, from Tait, Rosemount, Sandwick, which realised £750.

Other leading steer prices –

2 Charolais (402kg) Thomson, Beafield, Sanday (226.4p) £910

Saler (440kg) Miller, Nigley, Evie (222.7p) £980

Store heifers sold to 214.3p/kg for a pair of 350kg Charolais heifers, from Thomson, Beafield, Sanday, which realised £750.

Other leading heifer prices –

Limousin (340kg) Tait, Rosemount, Sandwick (210.3p) £715

Limousin (470kg) Gaudie, Netherskaill, Birsay (206.4p) £970

OTM Cows sold to 144.9p/kg for a 590kg Charolais, from Gaudie, Netherskaill, Birsay, which realised £855.

Other leading OTM prices –

Limousin (645kg) Stanger, South Seatter, Sandwick (139.5p) £900

Angus (645kg) Cursiter, Charleston, Papa Westray (136.4p) £880

Simmental (665kg) Twatt, Lingro, St Ola (132.3p) £880

Simmental (605kg) Moss, Ocklester, Toab (132.2p) £800

Breeding bulls sold to £3,100 for a Charolais, from Baillie, Biggings, Toab.

Bulling heifers sold to £1100 for a pair of Shorthorn x’s from Johnston, Brockan, Stromness.

A selection of Simmental and Saler x bulling heifers, from Miller Nigley, Evie, sold to £850 for a pen of 3 Salers.

Heifers with calves at foot sold to £2,200 for a Simmental with a Saler heifer calf and cows with calves at foot sold to £2000 for a 6 year old Simmental with a Charolais calf from Paterson, Nessbreck, Harray.

In calf cows sold to £1000 for a 6 year old Simmental from Henry, Howe, Harray.

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