Cattle List Monday 25th April 2016

Special Sale of Grazing Cattle 25th April 2016

*Includes heifers that may be suitable for bulling but have not been vaccinated.

Brown, Millbrae, Sanday 1-11 BVD Accredited
Muir, Hermisgarth, Sanday 12-51 BVD Accredited
Rendall, Whitehow, Papa Westray 52-61 BVD Negative
Colligarth Farms, Sanday 62-76 BVD Accredited
Heard, Huip, Stronsay 77-90 BVD Accredited
Stout, Linksness, Stronsay 91-96 BVD Negative
Miller, Briarlea, Stronsay 97-99 BVD Accredited
Miller, Banks, Stronsay 100-101 BVD Negative
Thomson, Beafield, Sanday 102-115 BVD Accredited

Craigie, Hall of Clestrain, Orphir 218-275 BVD Accredited
Scott & Brown, Biggings, Stenness 276-291 BVD Accredited
Flett, Hurtiso, Holm 292-325 Individually Tested

Housebay Farms, Stronsay 116-142 BVD Accredited
Stout, Whitehall, Stronsay 143-148 & 1148-1151 BVD Accredited
Stevenson, Bu, Stronsay 149-173 BVD Negative
Seatter, Noup, Westray 174-197 BVD Accredited
Seatter, Perth, Westray 198-200 BVD Accredited
Rendall, Floss, Westray 201 BVD Accredited
Harcus, Meadowbank, Westray 202-217* BVD Accredited

Brown, Newhall, Stromness 326-335 BVD Accredited
Taylor, Aikers, South Ronaldsay 336-374 BVD Accredited
Corrigall, Chinyan, Dounby 3744-3745 & 376-387 BVD Accredited
Vestrafiold Farms, Sandwick 388-405 BVD Accredited
Sinclair, Netherhouse, Harray 406-411 Non-breeding Holding
Thomson, Cockmurra, Holm 412-416 BVD Accredited
Sandison, Hindatoon, Harray 417-430* BVD Accredited
Copland, Overhouse, Harray 433-435 BVD Negative
Moar, Rosebank, Deerness 436-444 BVD Negative
Spence, Norton, Dounby 445-459 BVD Accredited
Spence, Hyval, Sandwick 460-469 BVD Accredited
Wick, Easter Voy, Sandwick 470-486* BVD Accredited & Johnes Level 1
Sinclair, Braeland, South Ronaldsay 487-493* BVD Accredited
Nicolson, Gitterpitten, Rendall 494-519 BVD Accredited
Watson, Rennibister, Firth 520-531 BVD Accredited
Harcus, Quanterness, St Ola 532-543 BVD Accredited
Johnston, Brockan, Stromness 544-559 BVD Accredited
Stevenson, Burness, Firth 560-597 BVD Accredited
Midbigging Farms, Toab 598-615 BVD Accredited
Omand, Wardhill, South Ronaldsay 616-624 BVD Accredited
Linklater, Upper Braebuster, Deerness 625-628 BVD Accredited
Wishart, Knockhall, South Ronaldsay 629-631 BVD Accredited
Foubister, Netherton, Holm 632-638 BVD Accredited
Taylor, Brencherhouse, Birsay 639-640 BVD Accredited
Omand, Oback, South Ronaldsay 641-662 BVD Accredited
Northfield Farms, Burray 663-665 BVD Accredited
Fraser, Westshore, Rendall 666-667 BVD Accredited
Sclater, Fisk-Hellia, Evie 668-677* BVD Accredited & Johnes Level 1
Baillie, Biggings, Toab 678-717 BVD Accredited
Chalmers, Mouseland, Stromness 718-722 BVD Accredited
Swanbister Farms, Orphir 723-731 BVD Negative

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