Cattle List 26th October 2015

Cattle Sale – Monday 26 October 2015

Chalmers, Mouseland, Stromness 101/115
Barton, The Brough, South Ronaldsay 116/143
Duncan, South Flaws, South Ronaldsay 144/152
Rendall, East Nistaben, Stenness 153/159
Linklater, Upper Braebuster, Deerness 160/164
Bruce, Greentoft, Deerness 165/173
Tait, Lower Bu, Holm 174/187
Wilson, Howequoy, Holm 188/191
Harvey, Quholmslie, Stromness 192/194
Scott, Weethick, Tankerness 195/198
Taylor, Brencherhouse, Birsay 199/200
Budge, St Colms Quadrant, Longhope 201/204
Sclater, Fisk Hellia, Evie 205/209
Baillie, Biggings, Toab 210/266

Flett, Howan, Dounby 854/857
Nicolson, Gitterpitten, Rendall 858/865
Anderton, Harrabrough, So Ronaldsay 866/872

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