Sale of Cattle 7th September 2015

Cattle Sale – Monday 07 September 2015

Scott, Skaill, Westray 101/121
Johnston, Hewan, Shapinsay 122/148
Skea, Garbo, Sanday 149/162
Bremner, Backaland, Eday 163/168
Cooper, Cleat, Stronsay 169/172
Drever, Berriedale, Westray 173/176
Leslie, Chapelbrae, Westray 177/212
Burgher, Ness, Westray 213/224
Housebay Farms, Stronsay 225/248

Coghill, Muce, Birsay 527/548
Flett, Hurtiso, Holm 549/572
Scott, Grutha, So Ronaldsay 573/604
Slater, Yarpha, Orphir 605/651
Muir, Upper Onston, Stenness 652/659
Coghill, Newbigging, Birsay 660/718

Leslie, Quoymorhouse, Shapinsay 249/268
Tulloch, Burndyke, Westray 269/288
Rendall, Whitehow, Papa Westray 289/304
Seatter, Perth, Westray 305/321
Firth, Langskail, Rousay 322/335
Cursiter, Charleston, Papa Westray 336/347
Holland Papay, Papa Westray 348/355
Cooper, Midgarth, Stronsay 356/380
Balfour Estates, Shapinsay 381/396
Sinclair, Crowtaing, Longhope 397/411

Thomson, Cockmurra, Holm 719/721
Sinclair, Braehead, Stromness 722/732
Kemp, Greenhall, Deerness 733/748
JJH Scott & Co, Redland, Firth 749/752
Corrigall, Northbigging, Dounby 753/764
Whyte, Honeysgoe, So Ronaldsay 765/791
Stephen, Sandwick House, So Ronaldsay 792/809
Bews, M Crofty, Tankerness 810/815
Mainland, Cruan Cottage, Rendall 816/817
Harvey, Quoydandy, St Ola 818/829
Harcus, Messigate, Tankerness 830/834

Dennison, Odiness, Stronsay 412/427
Shearer, Airy, Stronsay 428/437
Harcus, Branstane, Westray 438/466
Hewison, Grena Green, Westray 467/483
Shearer, Backarras, Westray 484/489
Hepburn, Kirkton, Shapinsay 490/514
Rendall, Braefoot, Shapinsay 515/526

Wylie, Millhouse, Deerness 835/848
Nicolson, Gitterpitten, Rendall 849/865
Seator, Seattersquoy, Stenness 866/875
Harvey, Seatter, Stromness 876/905
Rosie, Heather-cow-Root, Flotta 906/910
McAdie, Aikers, Tankerness 911/915
Spence, Norton, Dounby 916/919
Wilson, Howequoy, Holm 920/921
Norquay, Heatherum, So Ronaldsay 922/929
Sabiston, Haymont, Finstown 930/937
Seatter, Farewell, So Ronaldsay 938/956
Flett, Keldra, Finstown 957/960
Harvey, Slinghorn, Swannay 961/966
Work Farms, St Ola 967/982

Flett, Howan, Dounby 6
Flett, Moan, Firth 5
Foubister, Grindigar, Deerness 5
Hay, Howe, Bisay 13
Isbister, Feolquoy, Stromness 7
Moar, Upper Scapa, St Ola 6
Rendall, Old Hall, Stromness 6

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