Special Sale List 10 August 2015

Glen Orkney Farms, St Ola 101/127
Dennison, Odiness, Stronsay 128/156
Cooper, Cleat, Stronsay 157/162
Stout, Whitehall, Stronsay 163/202

Sinclair, Midhouse, Harray 301/340
Sinclair, Braehead, Stromness 341/345
Low, Craighaven, Toab 346/348
Corrigall, Northbigging, Dounby 349/352
Flett, Nistaben, Harray 353/355
Kierfiold Farms, Sandwick 356/371
Thomson, Trondheim, Rendall 372/381
Thomson, Muckle Myre, So Ron 382/384
Cromarty, Hools, So Ronaldsay 385/393
Mainland, Cruan Cottage, Rendall 395/398
Smith, Cauldhame, Stromness 399/419

Lennie, Seaview, Sanday 203/211
Ritch, Fillets, Graemsay 212/217
Ritch, Sandside, Graemsay 218/222
Rendall, Holland, Papa Westray 223
Tulloch, Burndyke, Westray 224/248
Johnston, Hewan, Shapinsay 249/268 PLUS 520/524

Burton, Newfield, Orphir 420/421
Paterson, Nessbreck, Harray 422/426
Hepburn, Burnside, Tankerness 427/429
Henry, Howe, Harray 430/453
Watson, Rennibister, By Kirkwall 454/465
Thomson, Cockmurra, Holm 466/468
Laughton, Easterbister, Holm 469/470
Wilson, Howequoy, Holm 471/473
Scott, Berryhill, Burray 474/476
Seatter, Farewell, So Ronaldsay 477/486
Banks Farm, Rousay 487/488
Hobbister Farms, Orphir 489/502
Low, Cruhill, Toab 503/510
Linklater, Upper Braebuster, Deerness 511
Hamilton, Gorn, Harray 512
Mowat, Breck Cottage, Birsay 513/516
Alexander, Upper Breckquoy, Holm 517/519
Taylor, Brencherhouse, Birsay 525/528
Stanger, Hillquoy, Birsay 529/539
Tait, Ingsay, Birsay 540/547
Greentoft, Eday

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