Breeding stock for sale on Monday

Sale of In-calf heifers from Messrs Rosie, Quoybond, South Ronaldsay &


British Blue bull from Messrs Foubister, Netherton, Holm – Monday, 10th August, 2015


These heifers are from a B.V.D. Accredited herd and were vaccinated before going to the bull.  They will require a booster on or before 4th February, 2016


No.      Breed              D.O.B.              Ear No.                        A.I./Bull date              A.I./Bull used

1          Lim x pure BB             10.04.13          UK524084100569        A.I. 26.03.15                                                                                                                                                    (Due 26.12.15)            A.A. (Nightingale


2          Lim x pure BB 22.04.13          UK524084300578        A.I. 15.03.15                                                                                                                                                    (Due 15.12.15)            A.A. (Nightingale


3          Lim x pure BB 22.01.13          UK524084400558        Went to bull

15.06.15             Simmental

4          Lim x pure BB 17.05.13          UK524084100583        Bulled 15.06.15

(Due 15.03.16)            Simmental

5          Lim x pure BB 20.05.13          UK524084200584        Went to bull

15.06.15             Simmental

6          BB x Simm       11.04.13          UK524084200570        A.I. 26.03.15

(Due 26.12.15)            A.A. (Nightingale


7          A.A.x pure BB  03.04.13          UK524084500566        A.I. 27.03.15

(Due 27.12.15)            A.A. (Nightingale


8          AAxBBxSimm  16.04.13          UK524084600574        A.I. 27.04.15

(Due 27.01.16)            A.A. (Nightingale


9          A.A.x pure BB  24.04.13          UK524084500580        A.I. 15.03.15

(Due 15.12.15)            A.A. (Nightingale


10        AAxBBxSimm  18.01.13          UK524084300557        Bulled 06.04.15

(Due 06.01.16)            Simmental

11        AAxLimxSimm 23.01.13          UK524084600560        Bulled 08.04.15

(Due 08.01.16             Simmental


Messrs A & A Foubister, Netherton, Holm


12        British Blue Bull – Born 27th May, 2011 – An easy calving, quiet bull, which has been used on heifers      as well as cows.  Reason for sale only that the owners have young bulls ready to use.

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