Cattle List 13th October

Special Sale of cattle on Monday 13th October 2014
ISLES 1030am
Miller, Haquoy, Shapinsay 101/116
Eunson, Steaquoy, Shapinsay 117/124
Mowat, Ramray, Graemsay 125/134
Johnston, Testaquoy, Wyre 135/140
Marwick, Innister, Rousay 141/144
Harcus & Barton, Langskaill, Westray 145/151
Stout Linksness Stronsay 152/159
McCabe, Croyhouse, Eday 160/188
Drever & co Berriedale Westray 189/196
Rendall Patience Westray 197/202
Mainland 1115am
Flett, Hurtiso, Holm 287/355
Wylie, Millhouse, Deerness 356/387
Slater, Newbigging, Dounby 388/390
Seator, Grimbister, Firth 391/399
Isles 1200
Housebay Farms, Stronsay 203/229
Dennison, Odiness, Stronsay 230/239
Bremner, Backaland, Eday 240
Fersness Farms, Eday 241/250
Groat, Orgil, Hoy 251/266
Rendall, Windywalls, Westray 267/286
Mainland 1230
Fraser, Westshore, Rendall 400/401
Bews, Muckle Crofty, Tankerness 402/415
Flett, Howan, Dounby 416/420
Flett Moan Firth 421/427
Heddle, Westfield, Stromness 428/437
Lennie Nearhouse Tankerness 438/439
Whyte, Honeysgoe, So Ronaldsay 440/453
Sinclair, Braeland, So Ronaldsay 454/457
Inkster, Upper Linklater, Twatt 458/465
Rendall, Vedder, Tankerness 466/469
Sinclair Heads So Ron 470/484
Chalmers, Mouseland, Stromness 485/489
Laughton, Easterbister, Holm 490/500
Rosie, Heather-Cow-Root, Flotta 501/505
Dearness Upper Berryhill St Ola 506/510
Glen Orkney Farms, St Ola 511/529
Young, Castle, Stromness 530/542

to come
Allison, Kirbuster, Longhope 6
Bain, Newbigging, Westray 11
Coghill, Muce, Birsay 4
Eunson, Halley, Deerness 24
Heard, Huip, Stronsay 15
Johnston, Hewan, Shapinsay 3
Norquay, Holland, So Ronaldsay 4
Robertson, Little Wards, Longhope 3
Skea, Garbo, Sanday 6
Smith, Upper Cornquoy, Holm 8
Stevenson, Bu, Westray 2
Wishart, Knockhall, So Ronaldsay 10
Wylie, Seatter, Deerness 15

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