Cattle List 8th September 14

Special Sale of Store Cattle – Monday 08 September 2014

ISLES approx 1030am
Scott, Skaill, Westray 101/111
Lennie, Seaview, Sanday 112/114
Dennison, Odiness, Stronsay 115/130
Leslie, Quoymorhouse, Shapinsay 131/145
Tulloch, Burndyke, Westray 146/171
Rendall, Floss, Westray 172/177
Scott, Nistigar, Westray 178/209
Colligarth Farms, Sanday 210/223
Skea, Garbo, Sanday 224/239

MAINLAND approx 1130am
Flett, Howan, Dounby 401/409
Sinclair Midhouse Harray 410/434
Sinclair, Braeland, So Ronaldsay 435/443
Maesquoy Farms, Harray 444/459
Stephen, Sandwick House, So Ronaldsay 460/470
Spence, Norton, Dounby 472/489
Harcus, Messigate, Tankerness 490/493
Bain, Hall of Tankerness, Tankerness 494/525

2ND ISLES approx 1215pm
Johnston, Hewan, Shapinsay 240/263
Harcus, Branstane, Westray 264/278
Bremner, Backaland, Eday 279/290
Greentoft Farms, Eday 291/337
Thomson, Heathercow, Eday 338/339
Housebay Farms, Stronsay 340/361
Cooper, Cleat, Stronsay 362/369

MAINLAND approx 1pm
Kierfiold Farms, Sandwick 526/536
Laird Mossbank Burray 537/548
Fraser, Lower Cottiscarth, Rendall 549/558
Norquay, Braehead, St Mgts Hope 559/561
Norquay, Heatherum, So Ronaldsay 562/572
Foulis, Upperfield, St Ola 573/577
Stanger, Hillquoy, Birsay 578/588
Sandison, Hindatoon, Harray 589/612
Nicholson, Quoys, So Ronaldsay 613/644
approx 2pm
Flett, Keldra, Firth 645/651
Thomson, Cockmurra, Holm 652/655
Sinclair, Ness, Sandwick 656/667
Heddle, Lower Airsdale, Evie 668/678
Omand, Wardhill, So Ronaldsay 679/692
Spence, Muckle Pow, Evie 693/698
Hay, East Howe, Birsay 699/710
to come

omand oback so ron 11
Allison, Kirbuster, Longhope 4
Donaldson, Coldomo, Stenness 8
Duncan, So Flaws, So Ronaldsay 3
Foubister, Diamonds, Deerness 6
Hurst, Strathore, Shapinsay 5
Marwick, Redland, Stromness 12
Moar, Walkerhouse, Birsay 5
Montgomery, Midland, Rendall 4
Pirie, Purtabreck, Toab 3
Scott, Netherhill, Tankerness 6
Shearer, Airy, Stronsay 10
Work Farms, St Ola 15

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