Cattle List 1st September 14

Special Sale of Store Cattle – Monday 01 September 2014
ISLES approx
Dennison, Odiness, Stronsay 101/116 1030
Brown Millbrae Sanday 117
Greentoft Farms, Eday 119/148
Miller, Haquoy, Shapinsay 149/172
Rendall, Braefoot, Shapinsay 173/180
Leslie, Odinstone, Shapinsay 181/187
Sinclair, Crowtaing, Longhope 188/204

Laird, Mossbank, Burray 278/302 1115
Sinclair Midhouse Harray 303/319
Sclater, Lower Hobbister, Stenness 320/327
Scott Horsick Toab 328
Scott, Claybraes, South Ronaldsay 329/341
Eunson, Braebuster, Deerness 342/387

Glen Orkney Farm St Ola 205/261 1200
Lennie Cott Rendall 262/277

Sinclair, Braeland, So Ronaldsay 389/394 1230
Harcus, Messigate, Tankerness 395/398
Low, Craighaven, Toab 399/401
Sinclair Kierfiold Cottage Sandwick 402/406
Glen Orkney Farm St Ola 407/410
Barton, Brough, So Ronaldsay 411/415
Spence, Hayon, Birsay 416/421
Omand, Wardhill, So Ronaldsay 422/433
Scott Redland Firth 434/437
Garson Farms, Sandwick 438/444
Linklater, Upper Braebuster, Deerness 445
Spence, M Pow, Evie 446/451
Archibald Newhouse Swannay 452/455
Jones, Denwick, Deerness 456/458
Tait, Lower Bu, Holm 459
Shearer Backakelday Holm 460/472 1.30pm


Allison, Kirbister, Longhope 4
Budge, Mount Pleasant, So Ronaldsay 16
Foubister, Diamonds, Deerness 4
Harcus, Branstane, Westray 4
Heard, Huip, Stronsay 5
Jones, Denwick, Deerness 3
Leslie, Quoys, Westray 4
Seatter, Perth, Westray 10
Thomson, Brechins, So Ronaldsay 6

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