Cattle Report 2nd June 14

14 Prime cattle, 1 Store heifer and 18 OTM’s were sold on Monday, when Prime cattle sold to 219p/kg for a 625kg Charolais heifer, from Twatt, Lingro, St Ola, which realised £1368.75.

Other leading Prime heifer prices –

British Blue (585kg) Smith, Cauldhame, Stromness (217p) £1269.45
Limousin (610kg) Marshall, Coltland, St Ola (216p) £1317.60

Prime steers sold to 215p/kg for a 655kg Limousin, from Cook, Hall of Rendall, Rendall, which realised £1408.25 purchased by E R & T Craigie Butchers Tankerness.

Other leading Steer prices –

Charolais (660kg) Ritch, Langskaill, Birsay (206p) £1359.60

A 470kg Aberdeen Angus heifer from Rendall, Patience, Westray, sold to 136.2p/kg (£640)

OTM Cattle sold to 132.9p/kg for a 790kg Charolais cow, from Ritch, Langskaill, Birsay, which realised £1050.

Other leading OTM cow prices –

Simmental cow (780kg) Harvey, Quholmslie, Stromness (129.5p) £1010
Aberdeen Angus (595kg) Lennie, Nearhouse, Tankerness (126.1p) £750
Limousin (545kg) Hewison, Gretna, Westray (124.8p) £680
Limousin (795kg) Slater, Millquoy, Stenness (124.5p) £990

OTM Bulls sold to 116.5p for a 1030kg Limousin, from Harvey, Quholmslie, Stromness, which realised £1200.

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