Cattle List 5th May

Special Sale of Store Cattle – Monday 5 May 2014

Stevenson, Bu, Stronsay 151/194
Stout, Whitehall, Stronsay 195/197
Housebay Farms, Stronsay 198/228
Lennie, Seaview, Sanday 229/232
Sclater, Waltness, Shapinsay 233/236
Colligarth Farms, Sanday 237/246
Muir, Hermisgarth, Sanday 247/276
Heard, Huip, Stronsay 277/293
Tulloch, Purtabreck, North Ronaldsay 294/304

Allison, Kirbister, Longhope 305/316
Scott, Redland, Firth 317/321
Hobbister Farms, Orphir 322/339
Wylie, Easter Greenigoe, Orphir 340/393
Sinclair, Netherhouse, Harray 394/395
Fraser, West Shore, Rendall 396/399
Sclater Skaill Orphir 400/415
Tormiston Farms, Stenness 416/423
Spence, Norton, Dounby 424/429
Flett, Howan, Dounby 430/432
Watson, Rennibister, Firth 433/444
Stevenson, Bu, Orphir 445/452
Whyte, Honeysgoe, So Ronaldsay 453/461
Martini, Cools, South Ronaldsay 462/469
Baillie, Biggings, Toab 470/514
Omand, Oback, South Ronaldsay 517/525
Gray, Dalvena, St Ola 526/527
Mowat, Breck Cottage, Birsay 528/531
Garson Farms, Sandwick 532/551
Firth, Hilltoft, Holm 582/588
Binscarth Farms, Finstown 589/595
Midbigging Farms, Toab 596/610
Tait, Lower Breckquoy, Holm 611/630
Gullian Warthill Holm 631/636
Morgan Bryameadow Twatt 637/644
Jones, Denwick, Deerness 645/648
Chalmers, Mouseland, Stromness 649/650
Robertson, Little Wards, Longhope 651/657
Sinclair, Appieteen, Sandwick 658/677
Brass, Workwell, Orphir 7
Donaldson, Coldomo, Stenness 2
Thomson, Heathercow, Eday 6

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