Cattle Report 7th April, 2014

11 Prime cattle, 25 Store cattle and 4 OTM’s were sold on Monday, when Prime cattle sold to 223p/kg for a 535kg Charolais steer, from Corrigall, Northbigging, Dounby, which reaslised £1193.05.

Other leading Prime cattle prices –

 Simmental steer (525kg) Corrigall, Northbigging, Dounby (211p) £1107.75

Charolais heifer (655kg) Scott, Redland, Firth (210p0 £1375.50

Simmental heifer (630kg) Spence, Eastabist, Dounby (208p) £1310.40

Limousin heifer (565kg) Sinclair, Netherhouse, Harray (207p) £1169.55

Charolais heifer (535kg) Slater, Yarpha, Orphir (200p) £1070


Store steers sold to a top of 247.7p/kg for a pen of 3 Charolais, from Hobbister Farm, Orphir, which scaled 325kg and realised £805.

 Other leading steer prices –

 Simmental (350kg) Clark, Burgar, Hoy (242.9p) £850

2 Simmentals (495kg) Clark, Quoy-I-Dale, Hoy (234.3p) £1160

Angus (435kg) Slater, Yarpha, Orphir (200p) £870


Store heifers sold to 212.8p for a 470kg Shorthorn, from Slater, Yarpha, Orphir, which realised £1000

 Other leading heifer prices –

 2 Charolais (340kg) Hobbister Farm, Orphir (208.8p) £710

3 Charolais (490kg) Slater, Yarpha, Orphir (208.2p) £1020


OTM Cattle sold to 133.3p for a 630kg Simmental cow, from Watson, Rennibsiter, Firth, which realised £840.

 Other leading OTM prices –

 Simmental (730kg) Watson, Rennibister, Firth (115p) £730

Simmental (590kg) Corrigall, Northbigging, Dounby (111.9p) £660

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