Cattle List 21st

Special Sale of Cattle – Monday 21 October, 2013

Flett, Howan, Dounby 217/220
Hurst, Strathore, Shapinsay 221/225
Nicolson & Eunson Caskald Shapinsay 226/231
Shearer Airy Stronsay 232/235
Marshall Cotland St Ola 236/237
Sinclair Kierfiold Sandwick 238/241
Stout, Linksness, Stronsay 242/245
Young Castle Stromness 246/249
Johnston, Scuan, Stenness 250/259
Lennie, Nearhouse, Tankerness 260/261
Holland, Kirbister, Stronsay 262/267
Harcus & Barton, Langskaill, Westray 268/274
Tulloch, Quivals, Sanday 275/282
Chalmers Mouseland Stromness 283
Donaldson Cott of Holland Tankerness 284/285
Fergus, Clifton, Westray 286/288
Moss Ocklester Holm 289/299
Foulis, Horraquoy, Deerness 301/301
Whyte Honeysgeo So Ron 302/303
Scott Weethick Tankerness 304/306
Linnett, Gaira, South Ronaldsay 307/308
Sinclair, Ness, Sandwick 309
Skea, Barns of Ayre, Deerness 310/318
Rendall, Windywalls, Westray 319/333
Swanbister Farms Orphir 334/338
Haybrake Farms Longhope 339/355
Northfield Farms Burray 356/365
McCabe, Croyhouse, Eday 31

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