Cattle List 23rd Sept 13

1ST ISLES 1030am
Stout, Whitehall, Stronsay 101/132
Shearer, Airy, Stronsay 133/142
Burgher, Ness, Westray 143/154
Mowat, Ramray, Graemsay 155/166
Stout, Linksness, Stronsay 167/172
Skea, Garbo, Sanday 173/190
Heard, Huip, Stronsay 191/207
Leslie, Chapelbrae, Westray 208/225

1ST MAINLAND 11:15am
Flett, Hurtiso, Holm 664/776

2ND ISLES 1200pm
Leslie, Lopness, Sanday 226/239
Brown, Millbrae, Sanday 240/253
Bremner, Backaland, Eday 254/265
Rendall, Windywalls, Westray 266/277
Seatter, Hammer, Westray 278/291
Cursiter, Charleston, Papa Westray 292/299
Rendall Whitehow Papa Westray 300/314
Dennison, Odiness, Stronsay 315/324
Bews, Gorn, Westray 325/335
Groat, Orgil, Hoy 336/346
Thomson, Bu of Hoy, Hoy 347
Ritch Fillets Graemsay 348/349
Ritch, Sandside, Graemsay 350/352

2nd MAINLAND 12:45pm
Slater, Yarpha, Orphir 777/815
Coghill, Newbigging, Birsay 816/853

3RD ISLES 1:00pm
Rendall, Breckowall, Westray 353/377
Nicolson, Cleat Cott, Westray 378/383
Stout, North Grinaby, Westray 384/400
Leslie, Quoymorhouse, Shapinsay 401/2418
Johnston, Hewan, Shapinsay 418/433
Rendall, Farrivald, Westray 434/459
Trenabie Farms, Westray 460/485

Laird Mossbank Burray 854/855
Dearness, UpperBerryhill, St Ola 856/857
Leeman, Upper Crowrar, Rendall 858/869
Slater Newbigging Dounby 870/873
Morgan, Bryameadow, Twatt 874/893
Sinclair Midhouse Harray 894/907
Baillie, Sebay, Tankerness 908/912
Stevenson, Crismo, Evie 913/921
Seator Grimbister Firth 922/927
Maesquoy Farms Harray 928/976
4TH ISLES 2:30pm
Housebay Farms, Stronsay 486/511
Rendall, Braefoot, Shapinsay 512/523
Hurst Strathore Shapinsay 524/527
Muir, Hermisgarth, Sanday 528/542
Marwick, Innister, Rousay 543/558
Sutherland, Aithsdale, Longhope 559/574
Bain, Newbigging, Westray 575/591
Harcus, Branstane, Westray 592/607
Cooper, Midgarth, Stronsay 608/627
Colligarth Farms, Sanday 628/642
Walls, Inkerman, Sanday 643/648
Kent Easthouse Shapinsay 649/663

Mainland 3:30pm
Spence, Norton, Dounby 977/988
Scott, Redland, Firth 990/1108
Henry, Howe, Harray 1109/1134
Budge, Burn, So Ronaldsay 1135/1147
Stephen, Sandwick House, So Ron 1148/1163
Learmonth, West Nistaben, Stenness 1164/1174

Heddle, Westfield, Stromness 1175/1190
Davidson Skaill Sandwick 1191/1210
Ritch Langskaill Birsay 1211/1222
Foubister Netherton Holm 1223/1225
Archibald, Newhouse, Swannay 1226/1229
Moar Withaquoy Holm 1230/1236
Harvey, Quhomslie, Stromness 1237/1248
Bews, Muckle Crofty, Tankerness 1249/1254
Moar, Lower Stanger, Birsay 1255/1269
Thomson Tronheim Rendall 1270/1274

Gibbon Naversdale Orphir 1275/1277
Linnet, Gaira, So Ronaldsay 1278/1285
McAdie, Aikers, Tankerness 1286/1290
Taylor, Kirkhouse, South Ronaldsay 1291/1308
Sinclair, Braeland, So Ronaldsay 1309/1318

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