Cattle Report 26th August 13

Cattle report 26.08.13

13 Prime cattle, 24 Store cattle and 46 OTM’s were sold on Monday, when Prime steers sold to 240p/kg for a 610kg Charolais, from P & A Kemp, Hunchaquoy, Swannay, which realised £1464 purchased by E R & T Craigie Butchers Tankerness.

Prime heifers also sold to 240pkg for a 505kg Limousin, from C & C E Leslie, Lopness, Sanday, which realised £1212 and was bought by E R & T Craigie Butchers Tankerness. A Charolais scaling 555 kilos from P & A Kemp Hunchaquoy Swannay also made 240 p/kg £1332 and was sold to Williamsons East Road Kirkwall

Store steers sold to 254.9p for a 455kg Limousin, from W I & D A Shearer, Airy, Stronsay, which realised £1160.

Other leading steer prices –
Limousin (505kg) Shearer, Airy, Stronsay (239.6p) £1210
British Blue (540kg) Scott, Netherhill, Tankerness (224.1p) £1210
2 Charolais (377kg) Holland, Kirbister, Stronsay (217.5p) £820

Store heifers sold to 216.1p for a 435kg British Blue, from R & G Brown, Newhall, Stromness, which realised £940.

Other leading heifer prices –

Charolais (550kg) Foulis, Horraquoy, Deerness (209p)£1150

OTM Cows sold to 196.7p for a 600kg Shorthorn cow, fromT Harcus & Co, Branstane, Westray, which realised £1180.

Other leading OTM prices –

Angus (650kg) Garson, Huan, Sandwick (184.6p) £1200
Simmental (805kg) Bain, Newbigging, Westray (159p) £1280
Limousin (775kg) Leslie, Lopness, Sanday, (158.7p) £1230
Simmental (760kg) Brown, Newhall, Stromness (157.9p) £1200
Limousin (665kg) Slater, Millquoy, Stenness (156.4p) £1040

OTM bulls sold to 138.9p for a 785kg Angus, from S M Twatt & Son, Lingro, St Ola, which realised £1090.

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