Cattle Report 20th May 13

12 Prime cattle, 23 Store cattle and 48 OTM’s were sold on Monday, when Prime cattle sold twice to 230p/kg, firstly for a 565kg Charolais heifer, from Stevenson, Burness, Firth, which realised £1299.50 and was purchased by Lobban’s Butchers Kirkwall, also for a 595kg Charolais, from Twatt, Lingro, St Ola, which realised £1368.50 to E Flett Butchers Stromness.

Other leading Prime heifer prices –

Charolais (545kg) Scott, Redland, Firth (222p) £1209.90

Prime steers sold to 220p/kg for a 590kg Aberdeen Angus, from Taylor, Hall of Herston,
South Ronaldsay, which realised £1298 to Rendall Quality Butchers.

Store steers sold to 219.2p/kg for a pen of 4 Angus’s from Tait, Ingsay, Swannay, which scaled 333kg and realised £730.

Top price per head for Store steers was £1105 for a 505kg Limousin, from Stephen, Sandwick House, South Ronaldsay (218.8p)

Store heifers sold to a top price per kilo of 213.1p for 3 Charolais, from Hewison, Gretna Green, Westray, which scaled 366kg and realised £780.

OTM Cattle sold to 196.5p/kg for a 575kg Charolais, from Spence, Muckle Pow, Evie, which realised £1130.

Other leading prices per kilo:-

British Blue (655kg) Johnston, Brettovale, Dounby (192.4p) £1260
Simmental (735kg) Bain, Twinness, Westray (159.2p) £1170
Simmental (845kg) Taylor, Kirkhouse, South Ronaldsay (157.4p) £1330
Angus (700kg) Whyte, Honeysgoe, South Ronaldsay (157.1p) £1100
Simmental (741kg) Maesquoy Farms, Harray (157p) £1160
Simmental (845kg) Sinclair, Heads, South Ronaldsay (156.7p £1340 – This was also top price per head.

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