Cattle report – 6th May 2013

Cattle report 6 May 2013

8 Prime cattle, 441 Store cattle and 30 OTM’s were sold on Monday, when Prime cattle sold to 237p/kg for a 660kg Charolais steer, from Johnston, Hewan, Shapinsay, which realised £1564.20.

Other leading Prime ring prices:- Lingro, St Ola (655kg) 235p (£1539.25), Pickletillum, Deerness (630kg) 233p £1467.90, Staye, Deerness (640kg) 232p (£1484.80), Hall of Herston, South Ronaldsay (535kg) 222p (£1187.70)

Store steers sold to 269.1p/kg for a 405kg Limousin, from Housebay Farms, Stronsay, which realised £1090.

Other leading prices:- Midbigging, Toab (405kg) 256.8p (£1040), Noup, Westray (390kg) 251.3p (£980), Tormiston, Stenness (427kg) 250.6p (£1070), Beafield, Sanday (412kg) 250p (£1030), Whitehall, Stronsay (440kg) 245.5p (£1080), Huip, Stronsay (375kg) 237.3p (£890), Millbrae, Sanday (470kg) 240.4p (£1130), Ness, Westray (510kg) 221p (£1130), Bu, Stronsay (490kg) 234.7p (£1150), Colligarth, Sanday (450kg) 226p (£1020), Gorn, Westray (348kg) 227p (£790), Savisgarth, Evie (323kg) 179p (£580), Rennibister, Firth (360kg) 236.1p (£850), Dale, Stromness (424kg) 235.8p (£1000), Bachylis, Orphir (265kg) 191p (£505), Honeysgoe, South Ronaldsay (385kg) 228p (£880), Hyval, Sandwick (405kg) 234.6p (£950), Hindatoon, Harray (499kg) 216p (£1080), Binscarth, Firth (555kg) 213p (£1180), Lower Breckquoy, Holm (412kg) 228p (£940), Horsick, Toab (425kg) 233p (£990), Skaill, Orphir (435kg) 225p (£980), Braeland, South Ronaldsay (Braeland, South Ronaldsay (402kg) 223p (£900), Workwell, Orphir (462kg) 212p (£980),
Little Wards, Longhope (345kg) 226p (£780), Northbigging, Dounby (500kg) 220p (£1100), South Fea, Orphir (293kg) 215p (£630), Swartland, Dounby (490kg) 232p (£1140), Hilltoft, Holm (555kg) 222p (£1230), South Tofts, Egilsay (490kg) 214p (£1050), Ramsquoy, Stenness (485kg) 229p (£1110), Backakelday, Holm (520kg) 227p (£1180)

Top price per head for steers was £1260 for a 605kg Aberdeen Angus, from Firth, Hilltoft, Holm (208.3p)

Other leading steer prices per head:- Bu, Stronsay (541kg) £1220 (225.5p), Backakelday, Holm (520kg) £1180 (226.9p), Binscarth, Firth (555kg) £1180 (212.6p), Housebay, Stronsay (457kg) £1165 (254.9p), Ness, Westray (525kg) £1145 (218.1p), Swartland, Dounby (490kg) £1140 (232.7p), Millbrae, Sanday (470kg) £1130 (240.4p), Ramsquoy, Stenness (485kg) £1110 (228.9p), Whitehall, Stronsay (450kg) £1100 (244.4p), Hindatoon, Harray (525kg) £1100 (209.5p)

Top price per kilo for heifers was 237.6p for a pair of 362kg Charolais, from Seatter, Noup, Westray, which realised £860

Other leading heifer prices:- Whitehall, Stronsay (387kg) 229.2p (£910), Oback, South Ronaldsay (355kg) 226.8p (£805), Beafield, Sanday (400kg) 225p (£900), Colligarth, Sanday (400kg) 225p (£900), Quholmslie, Stromness (403kg) 223.3p (£900), Seattersquoy, Stenness (515kg) 223.3p (£1150), Housebay, Stronsay (421kg) 220.9p (£930), Northbigging, Dounby (500kg) 220p (£1100), Millbrae, Sanday (381kg) 217.8p (£830), Beafield, Sanday (377kg) 217.5p (£820), Feolquoy, Stromness (392kg) 216.8p (£850), Hindatoon, Harray (366kg) 215.8p (£790), Bachylis, Orphir (415kg) 212p (£880), Huip, Stronsay (355kg) 211.3p (£750), Old Hall, Stromness (390kg) 210.3p (£820), Meadowbank, Westray (357kg) 210.1p (£750), Roadside, North Ronaldsay (266kg) 150p (£400), Dale, Stromness (425kg) 200p (£850), Veddertownmail, Tankerness (348kg) 208p (£725), Hyval, Sandwick (421kg) 204.3p £860), Midbigging, Toab (465kg) 202p (£940), Lower Breckquoy, Holm (340kg) 203p (£690), Little Wards, Longhope (425kg) 209p (£890).

Top price per head for heifers was £1150 for a 515kg British Blue, from Seator, Seattersquoy, Stenness (223.3p)

Other leading heifer prices per head:- Northbigging, Dounby (500kg) £1100 (220p), Hilltoft, Holm (520kg) £1090 (209.6p ), Quholmslie, Stromness (478kg) £1010 (211.3p)

OTM Cattle sold to 215.5p/kg for a 580kg British Blue cow, from Brown, Millbrae, Sanday which realised £1250

Top price per head for OTM’s was £1600 for an Angus bull, from Hume, Fea, Holm (124p)

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