Cattle List 10th December

Special Sale of Store Cattle-Monday 10 December
Stores approx
Greentoft Farms, Eday 101/112 11am
Bews, Gorn, Wesray 113/118
Colligarth Farms, Sanday 119/123
Boyd, Hanover, Sanday 124/131
Leslie, Lopness, Sanday 132/144
Leslie, Odinstone, Shapinsay 145/149
Scott, Nistigar, Westray 150/154
Seatter, Hammer, Westray 155/160
Harcus Branstane Westray 161/162
Johnston, Hewan, Shapinsay 163/178
Sinclair Haquoy Shapinsay 179/182
Hepburn, Kirkton, Shapinsay 183/190
Stout, Whitehall, Stronsay 191/200 1145
Cooper, Cleat, Stronsay 201/205
Spence, Eastabist, Dounby 206/237
Dennison, Odiness, Stronsay 238
Slater, Yarpha, Orphir 251/259
Wishart, Newbigging, Harray 260/263
Harcus Messigate Tankerness 264/266
Laga Farms, Evie 267/282
Garson Farms, Sandwick 283/289
Sinclair, Holland, Firth 290/308 1230
Baillie, Sebay Cott, Tankerness 310/311
Watson, Rennibister, Kikrwall 313/325
Midbigging Farms, Toab 326/337
Sinclair, Eastside, Twatt 338/345
Bews, Muckle Crofty, Tankerness 346/351
Smith, Lower Cornquoy, Holm 352/355
Bews, Muckle Crofty, Tankerness 356/362
Baillie, Biggings, Tankerness 363/400
Scott, Netherhill, Tankerness 403/408 1;15
Cromarty, Hools, So Ronaldsay 409/412
Whyte, Honeysgoe, So Ronaldsay 413/417
Smith, Upper Cornquoy, Holm 418
Binscarth Farms, Firth 419/437
Morgan, Bryameadow, Twatt 439/449
Rendall, Old Hall, Stromness 450/451
Isbister, Feolquoy, Stromness 452/453
Easton, Quoyhalen Quoyloo 454/456
Mawson Roadside No Ron 457/460

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