The annual OLA show and sale of suckled calves was held at Orkney Auction Mart on Thursday 18 October 2012 with 147 calves sold.
There was an increase in number of calves forward for show than in previous years to be judged by Allan Spence of Saither in Dounby.
Champion calf was a Limousin cross steer from Graham Mowat of Breck Cottage in Birsay who is a first time exhibitor at this show. The calf was out of a Friesian cross British Blue cow to their own Limousin stock bull “Ronick Choice”. When sold he weighed 410kgs and realised £1,100 (268.3p).
Reserve champion went to a British Blue cross steer shown by Alistair and Gladys Linklater of Upper Braebuster, Deerness. This calf was out of the same home bred Limousin cross cow that was the mother of their 2010 calf show champion and was sired by “Denwick Diablo”, a British Blue bull bred by Rod and Sian Jones of Denwick in Deerness. This calf was 330kgs and made the same price as the Champion and was sold to the same buyer.
Top price of the day was £1,250 paid by a local buyer for a 355kg Limousin cross heifer calf from Gerry and Evelyn Wilson of Howequoy in Holm (352.1p per kilo).

Class results:

Limousin – Heifer – 1 Wilson, Howequoy, Holm; 2 Tait, Lower Bu, Holm; 3 Sclater, Upper Breckan, Evie.
Steer -1 Mowat, Breck Cottage, Birsay; 2 Upper Breckan; 3 Scott, Weethick, Tankerness.

British Blue – Heifer – 1 Jones, Denwick, Deerness.
Steer – 1 & 2 Linklater, Upper Braebuster, Deerness.

Charolais – Heifer- 1 & 3 Barton, Brough, South Ronaldsay; 2 Chalmers, Mouseland, Stromness.
Steer – 1 & 3 Brough; 2 Mouseland.

Simmental – Heifer – 1 Lower Bu; 2 Denwick; 3 Duncan, South Flaws, South Ronaldsay.
Steer – 1 & 3 Lower Bu; 2 Denwick.

Any Other Breed – Heifer -1 Flett, Leary, Birsay (AA); 2 Taylor, Aikers, South Ronaldsay (BA); 3 Brough (HF).
Steer – 1 Howequoy (AA).

When sold, the 79 steer calves averaged 204.3p per kilo, £656.15 per head. The 68 heifer calves averaged 188p, £610.59 per head.

Steer Prices:-
Upper Braebuster, Deerness (BB) (330) £1,100 (333.3p); Breck Cottage, Birsay (Lim) (410) £1,100 (268.3p); Leary, Birsay (Lim) (335) £860 (256.7p); Brough, South Ronaldsay (Ch) (265) £655 (247.2p); Mouseland, Stromness (Sim) (282) £695 (246.5p); Weethick, Tankerness (Lim) (335) £780 (232.8p); Denwick, Deerness (BB) (305) £640 (209.8p); Upper Breckan, Evie (Lim) (325) £670 (206.2p); Appietown Farms, Rendall (AA) (408) £830 (203.4p); Lower Bu, Holm (Lim) (335) £680 (203p); Annfield, Holm (Lim) (338) £680 (201.2p); Howequoy, Holm (AA) (275) £550 (200p); South Flaws, South Ronaldsay (Sim) (225) £440 (195.6p); East Nistaben, Stenness (Lim) (390) £720 (184.6p); Aikers, South Ronaldsay (BA) (255) £450 (176.5p).
Heifer Prices:-
Howequoy, Holm (Lim) (355) £1,250 (352.1p); Mouseland, Stromness (Sim) (283) £600 (212p); Lower Bu, Holm (Sim) (375) £790 (210.7p); Leary, Birsay (AA) (285) £600 (210.5p); Weethick, Tankerness (Lim) (345) £720 (208.7p); Brough, South Ronaldsay (Ch) (300) £610 (203.3p); Denwick, Deerness (BB) (315) £630 (200p); Upper Breckan, Evie (Lim) (345) £680 (197.1p); Annfield, Holm (Sim) (282) £550 (195p); South Flaws, South Ronaldsay (Sim) (255) £480 (188.2p); East Nistaben, Stenness (Lim) (320) £590 (184.4p); Aikers, South Ronaldsay (Sim) (265) £480 (181.1p);


Following the show and sale of calves there was a sale of breeding cattle.

Cows from Mrs Margaret Stevenson of Smiddy, Stronsay sold up to £1,000 for a 3 year old Aberdeen Angus cross. Their Charolais cross calves were sold separately and sold up to £730 for a 295kg steer (247.5p).

Eleven Simmental cross heifers in calf to an Aberdeen Angus bull from D & K Gaudie, Craebreck Farm, Holm sold up to £2,080 and averaged £1,919 per head.

Bulling heifers sold up to £1,140 for a Limousin cross from Edwin Dick of Midskaill in Egilsay. Aberdeen Angus cross bulling heifers from Appietown Farms in Rendall sold up to £950.

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