Cattle List 1st October 12

Lidderdale, Ness, Shapinsay 101/108
Shearer, Airy, Stronsay 109/115
Balfour Mains, Shapinsay 116/128
Dearness, Knowe, Sanday 129/148
Hacus & Barton, Langskaill, Westray 149/158
Tulloch, Quivals, Sanday 159/164
Johnston, Hewan, Shapinsay 165/171
Rendall, Braefoot, Shapinsay 172/183
Paterson, Dogtoo, Westray 184/197
Tulloch, Purtabreck, North Ronaldsay 198/209
Rendall, Breckowall, Westray 210/231
Kirkness, Fribo, Westray 232/243
Hepburn, Kirkton, Shapinsay 244/257
Miller, Haquoy, Shapinsay 258/264
Eunson, Steaquoy, Shapinsay 265/268

Coghill, Muce, Birsay 442/454
Coghill, Newbigging, Birsay 455/469
Flett, Hurtiso, Holm 470/535
S Coghill Muce Birsay 536/559
Coghill, Muce, Birsay 560/563
Ballantyne, Quoylonga, Birsay 564/576
Hume Fea Holm 577/583
Muir, Upper Onston, Stenness 584/608

Stevenson, Bu, Westray 269/288
Bain, Twiness, Wesray 289/303
Rendall, Windywalls, Westray 304/315
Dennison, Odiness, Stronsay 316/325
Hurst, Strathore, Shapinsay 326/335
Pottinger, Tuquoy, Westray 336/350

Moar, Lower Stanger, Birsay 609/625
Gray, Heatherbell, So Ronaldsay 626/634
Leeman, Upper Crowrar, Rendall 635/645
Kemp, Moa, Stenness 646/654
Pateron, Veltigar, Tankernss 655/688
Slater Yarpha Orphir 689/695
Scott & Brown, Biggings, Stenness 696/720
Slater Newbigging Dounby 721/728
Parker Salties Sanday 729
Wishart, Newbigging, Harray 730/732
Harvey, Quoholmslie, Stromness 733/747
Baillie, Sebay Cott, Tankernss 748/751
Learmonth, West Nistaben, Stenness 752/764
Johnston, Tesaquoy, Wyre 351/355
Nicolson, Cleat Cott, Westray 356/361
Leslie, Chapelbrae, Westray 362/383
Rosie Heather cow root Flotta 384/400
Marwick, Innister, Rousay 401/417
McGill, Langskaill, Gairsay 418/440

Davidson, Skaill, Sandwick 765/815
Sinclair, Midhouse, Harray 816/825
Hamilton, Gorn, Harray 826/835
Laughton, Eastabister, Holm 836/848
Moar Withaquoy Holm 849/858
Morgan Bryameadow Twatt 859/879
Henry, Howe, Harray 880/904
Sinclair, Holland, Firth 905/924
approx 3:30PM
Maesquoy Farms, Harray 925/940
Smith, Lower Cornquoy, Holm 942/951
Mowatt, Breck Cott, Birsay 952/958
Seator Grimbister Firth 959/963
Johnston, Scuan, Stenness 964/977
Scott, Claybraes, So Ronaldsay 978/997
Fraser, Feavel, Birsay 1101/1108
Nicolson Gitterpitten Rendall 1109/1118
Linklater, Upper Braebuster, Deerness 1119/1124
Stevenson, Crismo, Evie 1125/1130
Harcus, Messigate, Tankerness 1131/1135
Flett, Howan, Dounby 1136/1145
Ritch, Langskaill, Birsay 1146/1159
Easton, Quoyhalen, Quoyloo 1160/1162
Smith, Upper Cornquoy, Holm 1163/1165
Budge, Burn, So Ronaldsay 1166/1173
approx 4:30pm

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