Cattle List 17th Sept 12

1st ISLES 1000AM
Brown, Millbrae, Sanday 101/118
Leslie, Odinstone, Shapinsay 119/130
Moodie, North Skaill, Sanday 131/149
Tulloch, Burndyke, Westray 150/171
Colligarth Farms, Sanday 172/185
Miller, Haquoy, Shapinsay 186/205
Shearer, Airy, Stronsay 206/219
Miller, Springvalley, Stronsay 220/230
Harcus, Branstane, Westray 231/250
Kirkness, Fribo, Westay 251/269

Flett, Hurtiso, Holm 601/668
Laird, Yeldabreck, Burray 669/684
Simmons, BreckMyres, Shapinsay 685/686
Slater, Yarpha, Orphir 687/699
Sinclair, Braehead, Stromness 701/706
Stanger, Wilderness Lodge, Holm 707/715
Slater, Yarpha, Orphir 716/733
Swannie, Ramsquoy, Stenness 734/754

Rendall, Breckowall, Westay 270/293
Bremner, Backaland, Eday 294/312
Dennison, Odiness, Stronsay 313/326
Marwick, Innister, Rousay 327/336
Sutherland Aithesdale Longhope 337/350
Stout, Whitehall, Stronsay 351/380
Leslie, Chapelbrae, Westray 381/406
Harcus Meadowbank Westray 407/414

Baillie,Sebay Cott, Tankerness 755/758
Learmonth, West Nistaben, Stenness 759/770
Clark, Stratheast, Holm 771/790
Sinclair, Midhouse, Harray 791/811
Harvey, Quhomlsie, Stromness 812/843
Marshall, Cotland, St Ola 844/848
Muir, Upper Onston, Stenness 849/866
Sinclair, Holland, Firth 867/888
Watson, Winksetter, Harray 893/904

3rd ISLES 2:10PM
Kent, Easthouse, Shapinsay 415/428
Rendall, Whitehow, Papa Westray 429/444
Burgher, Ness, Westray 445/464
Meason, Frustigarth, Shapinsay 465/477
Tulloch, Purabreck, North Ron 478/487
Cursiter, Charleston, Papa Westray 488/493
Rendall, Holland, Papa Westray 494/498
Rendall, Farrivald, Westay 499/514
Dearness, Knowe, Sanday 515/544
Fergus, Clifton, Wesray 545/563
Seatter, Perth, Westray 564/583
Dick, Midskaill, Egilsay 584/585

Slater Newbigging Dounby 905/906
Maesquoy Farms, Harray 907/
Budge, Burn, So Ronaldsay 917/927
Stephen, Sandwick House, So Ron 928/945
Omand Wardhill So Ronaldsay 946/956
Mowat, Breck Cottage, Birsay 957/961
Sinclair, Braeland, So Ronadlsay 962/968
Seator, Grimbister, Firth 969/973
Spence, Eastabist, Dounby 974/993
Lennie Cott Rendall 994/1109


Heddle, Westfield, Stromness 1110/1126
Bews, M Crofty, Tankerness 1127/1131
Martini, Cools, So Ronaldsay 1132/1134
Henry Howe Harray 1135/1145
Ludenhill Farms, Swannay 1146/1156
Johnston, Scuan, Stenness 1157/1166
Flett Keldra Finstown 1167/1168
Moar, Withaquoy, Holm 1169/1178
Watson Rennibister Firth 1179/1188
Mongomery Midland Rendall 1189/1195
Foubister Netherton Holm 1196/1205
Bain Hall of Tankerness 1206/1207

Laughton, Easterbister, Holm 1237/1248
Nicolson, Gitterpitten, Rendall 1249/1257
Slater Vindon Firth 1258/1262
Sabiston, Haymont, Finstown 1263/1267
Fraser Westshore Rendall 1268/1270
Dearness Upper Berryhill St Ola 1271/1276
Watson Rennibister Firth 1277/1282
Nicolson, Quoys, So Ronaldsay 1283/1322

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