OLA Sale report


The OLA show and sale of BVD accredited grazing cattle took place last Friday with the show organised by Orkney Auction Mart and sponsored by Hamish Maclean Farm Products and judged by Andrew Laird.

Champion steer was a Limousin cross from Cogle & Co, Newbigging, South Ronaldsay that scaled 415kgs and sold for £980 (236p). Second place steer was a Limousin cross from R J Taylor, Brencherhouse, Birsay that scaled 420kgs and realised £1,050 (250p). Third place was also a Limousin cross from Newbigging, South Ronaldsay that was 423kgs and made £900 (213p).

Champion heifer was a Charolais cross from R & G Brown, Newhall, Stromness. She was 355kgs and sold for £980 (276p). Second place heifer was a British Blue cross from R J Taylor, Brencherhouse, Birsay that scaled 365kgs and made £900 (247p). Third place went to a Charolais cross from K & S Meason, Frustigarth, Shapinsay that was 460kgs and realised £1,050 (228p).

A total of 223 cattle were sold with 136 steers averaging 215p per kilo and £896 per head. A total of 87 heifers were sold at an average of 202p per kilo and £749 per head.

Top gross price for steers was £1,130 for a 510kg Limousin from A & L Cromarty, Hools, South Ronaldsay (222p). Top gross price for heifers was £1,100 for a 590kg Aberdeen Angus from T L I Miller, Briarlea, Stronsay (186p).

Steer prices – Brencherhouse, Birsay (Lim) 420kgs £1,050 (250p); Midbigging Farms, Tankerness (Ch) 398kgs £980 (246p), (Sim) 421kgs £980 (233p); Newbigging, South Ronaldsay (Lim) 415kgs £980 (236p); Frustigarth, Shapinsay (Ch) 405kgs £950 (235p); Easter Voy, Sandwick (Sim) 430kgs £1,005 (234p); Hools, South Ronaldsay (Lim) 421kgs £980 (233p); Gorn, Westray (Ch) 388kgs £900 (232p); Newhall, Stromness (Ch) 285kgs £650 (228p); Quoydale, Hoy (Sim) 490kgs £1,090 (222p); Beafield, Sanday (Ch & Sim) 423kgs £940 (222p); Ingsay, Swannay (AA) 378kgs £825 (218p); Netherton, Holm (BB) 490kgs £1,060 (216p), (AA) 458kgs £960 (210p); Honeysgoe, South Ronaldsay (Lim) 318kgs £670 (211p); Hermisgarth, Sanday (Lim) 326kgs £710 (218p), (Ch) 470kgs £970 (206p); Beaquoy, Dounby (AA) 401kgs £820 (205p); Gorehouse, Rousay (AA) 418kgs £850 (203p); Little Wards, Longhope (Ch) 372kgs £740 (199p); Briarlea, Stronsay (AA) 575kgs £1,060 (184p).

Heifer prices – Newhall, Stromness (Ch) 355kgs £980 (276p); Easter Voy, Sandwick (Sim) 390kgs £990 (254p); Brencherhouse, Birsay (BB) 365kgs £900 (247p); Frustigarth, Shapinsay (Ch) 460kgs £1,050 (228p); Beafield, Sanday (Ch) 375kgs £840 (224p); Hermisgarth, Sanday (Ch) 360kgs £800 (222p); Hammer, Westray (Ch) 405kgs £900 (222p); Upper Linklater, Twatt (Sim) 368kgs £800 (217p); Burgar, Hoy (Sim) 420kgs £900 (214p); Rennibister, Firth (Ch) 322kgs £680 (211p); Newbigging, South Ronaldsay (Lim) 375kgs £750 (200p); Little Wards, Longhope (Ch) 336kgs £665 (198p); Quoydale, Hoy (Sim) 380kgs £750 (197p); Gorn, Westray (Ch) 370kgs £700 (189p); Briarlea, Stronsay (AA) 590kgs £1,100 (186p); Beaquoy, Dounby (AA) 385kgs £700 (182p); Ingsay, Swannay (AA) 300kgs £530 (177p).

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