Sheep Tagging Information

Simplified guidance from ScotEID
1. Every lamb must be identified with at least one electronic batch tag at 9 months of age or before leaving the
holding of birth.
2. Every lamb must be identified with double tags at 12 months of age and one tag must be electronic.
3. The electronic tag should be inserted in the left ear of the sheep.
Replacing missing tags
4. Every double tagged sheep that loses its tags must have a new pair inserted. (If only one tag is missing an
identical one can be used).
5. Every single tagged lamb that loses its tag must have a new one inserted.
6. Replacement tag identities must be recorded in the holding register, except for identical replacements. The lost
tag identity should be recorded if known.
7. Every sheep/lamb not on the holding of birth that loses its tags must have red replacement tags fitted. (Note: this
does not prevent the carcass being sold for export)
8. Every lamb that becomes one year old and has only one tag must have the single tag removed and double tags
with your own flock number inserted – called upgrading. Red tags are not required to upgrade sheep.
Reading tags and the holding register
9. Double tagged sheep not moved through a Critical Control Point (CCP) must have all tag identities recorded on
the movement document and recorded in the off and on movers’ holding registers.
10. Single tagged lambs not moved through a CCP must have all flock identities recorded in the off and on movers’
holding registers.
11. The CCP will record the flock and individual identities and update the holding registers of the seller and the buyer
on ScotEID.
12. Sellers – check read rates on ScotEID and if they are poor take more care with tagging or change to a better or
more suitable tag.
13. Buyers – check read rates on ScotEID and if the read rate is poor from double tagged sheep re-read the tags and
enter missing ID’s in the holding register.
14. Every death of a double tagged sheep must recorded in the holding register with its tag identity.
Some reasonable measures to assist with compliance
15. Take steps to note read rates – i.e. log into ScotEID, or ask the CCP.
16. Temporarily mark purchased lots of double tagged sheep.
17. Always have red tags available to replace any missing tag(s) from bought-in sheep.
18. Record an inventory of double tag ID’s once each year, best carried out when most convenient e.g. when sorting
lots for tupping and/or when sheep numbers are at their lowest.
19. If you keep an accurate register on ScotEID you do not need to keep a separate paper register.
ScotEID Tel: 01466 794323 – Fax 01466 792801 – Email

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